What is the meaning of "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGH...

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What is the meaning of "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" ?

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Originally, it is a warning of safety fixed to various control points of an aircraft requiring an imperative check before the take-off. His first appearance dates the World War II but more significantly in the 60's in the United States.

In order to facilitate its location, it’s usually made of long fabric or PVC red banner on which is inscribed REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT. Of course, it’s essential that all be removed before the flight under penalty that the aircraft remains on the ground.

Generally, control is done by the pilot and his mechanic in charge of these checks. There are many derivatives as SURETY, RESCUE, PULL ...

This object has quickly become a symbol of recognition for civilian or military pilots but also for aviation enthusiasts. The most common medium today is KEYRING which incorporates the features of the official version while allowing to convey a message, slogan or brand.
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