Canadian Woven Fabric keychain Buyer Choose Us

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  • April 16, 2018
Canadian Woven Fabric keychain Buyer Choose Us

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In August 2015, we received the inquiry from Clara, she lived in Ottawa ,Canada, and this is the first time to purchase the products in China.

As a professional manufacturer of fabric keychain, our 90% products are exported overseas, and we are experienced and professional to help the new buyers to get the right products that they want and also protect their project and money is safe.

At first, Clara are not much familiar with the fabric keychain her want , and it is our duty to give them suitable suggestion at the same time to meet their requirements.

When confirming the fabric keychain type, fabric keychain design, Clara is looking for a “Special Fabric Keychain”, not the ordinary one. We provide some fabric keychain type for them reference and decide the fabric keychain type——woven keychain finally.

Time is very important for all of us, we need show our professional to maximize our communication efficiency.

Later we confirmed the details about the logo disposal. Clara decide to place a sample order with us via Paypal that is fast and safe way to protect client’s payment security.

Once we confirmed the final design files, our production department took 3 days to finish the sample and sent photos first for her to check. When she saw the photos and give us positive feedback: “It looks really fantastic!!

Thanks for a great job Cathy

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